Belize is an extraordinary country with an exciting variety of adventures for you to enjoy; of which includes the world's second largest Barrier Reef, Pristine Tropical Rainforests with countless Exotic Wildlife, Jungle Rivers and towering Waterfalls, mystifying Caves and Mountain ranges, Bird Watching, Ecological Adventures and many Ruins from a Maya Society that occupied this region for thousands of years.

Visit the awesome pyramids of Tikal as well as many ancient Mayan Temple sites in this area, canoe through a ceremonial cave where the Mayas once performed sacred rituals. Experience Bird Watching at its best in Belize where over 500 species have been spotted. Canoe roaring Jungle Rivers as you enjoy the natural wonders of Belize. Dive and snorkel the Barrier Reef (our own underwater jungle), all in the beautiful Central American country of Belize.

Yute Expeditions offers complete tour and travel services for the entire country of Belize. Allow our 22 years of experience to insure you a memorable and adventurous stay here. We pick you up at the Belize City International Airport and transport you to your accommodations, take you on your choice of tours and return to the airport for your departure.

Combine your tour & accommodation with Yute ExpeditionsEvery day we trek travelers across hundreds of miles to witness nature up close and personal, contemplate the mysteries of Mayan Cities, explore unspoiled cave systems, hike through pristine jungle trails, paddle kayaks upriver or just simply enjoy their jungle resort room.

Hassle-free tours; that's all we do - every day. Book your car rental through Yute Expeditions.


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